KLOKK foundation information

Foundation KLOKK
(Dome Church Child Abuse Nationwide Consultation)


Shortly after 2010 many reports of child abuse by employees of the Roman Catholic Church were reported. Victims started to seek each other and started their first meetings.

In the period 2010 to 2012 formed about 20 groups. 
Each group had common characteristics: the location where the abuse took place or where the accused were Member of a specific Congregation.

In 2011, some victims, actually survivors decided to establish a foundation to support the fellow victims.

From 2013, this Foundation KLOKK reveived also financial support from the Ministry of Health.

The Foundation's aim is:

  • To support fellow sufferers in their coming out to tell their story , support in their complaints procedure, support in the search for support evidence.
  • Information about everything related to the abuse dossier in the RCC in the Netherlands.
  • Information to the media about particular developments or events related to the dossier.
  • Advocacy to third parties, including the KNR and BC, the Meldpuntrkk and the national Government.

In addition, the Foundation provides assistance in urgent cases.

The Foundation has an Office that is accessible for victims of abuse.
The Office registers notifications and follows the progress.

There is also intensive contact with the Ja,(Lawyer) where appropriate, to support evidence to look for.